James loved to follow the Toronto Blue Jays.   A significant part of his acclimatization to Toronto involved immersing himself in every aspect of the Blue Jays organization. He faithfully watched games when they were televised and listened to every game on the radio. James described himself as a traditionalist of the game. He was dedicated, passionate, and derived happiness at experiencing the ups and downs of each baseball season.

Fast forward, James endured years of frustration at not knowing who he was and his direction. He was lost and profoundly stuck. As a result, he continued to depend on the financial support of his parents. While feeling guilty about taking the handouts, he accepted, as this was easier than finding the courage to take healthy risks.

Finally, after many years of stagnation, excuse making, and denial, James decided to return to his love of the game of baseball. This materialized, when he realized that he enjoyed creative writing, in particular, connecting it with baseball.   He understood that the very ups and downs he lived through with his beloved Blue Jays had come to reflect his own ups and downs. James saw that this mirrored life and that the only way to move beyond such trials and tribulations were to develop a plan, a set of skills in order to get through the rough patches.

With this revelation, James converted his hobby-like interest in writing baseball articles into investigating writing courses and programs at different colleges. His previous dormant approach lead to a personal motivation towards furthering himself and the openness to gather information and see the possibilities that lay ahead.

This newfound determination happened, in part, as a result of James’ parents removing financial support, and replacing it with emotional support.   This resulted in more confidence and more hits. James realized that the hits would only come when his effort was consistent. A dramatic shift in focus kept the hits flowing.