How Do I Even Get a Base Hit?


“The formula for success is simple: practice and concentration, then more practice and more concentration” ~ Babe Didrikson Zaharias (famous female golfer).

Anything worth undertaking requires dedication, a good work ethic and consistency.   Winning the championship happens before hitting the baseball field. Off the field, for example, training, cardio, staying in shape… are key ingredients to being game ready. It is about the want to succeed and get better at the craft.   It is one thing for children and parents alike to want to hoist the trophy, it is another thing to develop a plan to increase the chances of getting to the championship day.

Bobby seemed more interested in taking the easy way out, as opposed to taking the time to work on his batting mechanics. For example, desperate to get on first base, Bobby decided to wildly swing at a ball outside. It happened to be strike three. With no one occupying first base, he gathered himself and sprinted and was called safe. On the one hand, he demonstrated creativity with respect to finding a way to get on base. However, on the other hand, he did not take it upon himself to want to improve his hitting. Bobby had at his disposal coaches willing to teach and help as well as a batting machine.   If truly committed to wanting to improve, Bobby would have made himself available to access these services. Instead, Bobby bellyached and was unmotivated to focus on working on his batting skills. In the moment, Bobby felt good about his accomplishment. However, the feeling was short-lived.

Parents need to encourage day-to-day work and to stress the importance of constantly striving to better oneself. Had Bobby’s parents encouraged him to arrive at games earlier or to stay later, for example, Bobby would have seized the opportunity to overcome his hitting struggles to the point where he would start to see greater success during game situations.

In order for Bobby to experience the feeling of getting a hit and subsequently, multiple hits, Bobby’s parents need to establish a structure that reinforces the values of practicing and doing whatever it takes both away and on the field.   The want to improve as a hitter will lead to feelings of self-confidence and an ability to fight through the fear and the challenges. The hits will occur when the correct mindset is supported.

Parents must instill the value of practice, practice, and more practice.

It is all in the routine

Managers are like parents. At the outset of the game, the manager reviews the rules and posts the starting line-up. Similarly, the parent reviews the day’s expectations and ensures that everyone knows, understands and does his/her part in order to start the day off on the right foot. Strive to establish a standard of parenting and managing, whereby, a supportive and nurturing structure is created that produces an environment for a player/child to flourish. It is all in following and implementing a consistent routine.




Let’s Play Ball!


I find it incredible how often children enter my practice as virtual strangers and within seconds of taking a seat in my office, go on the offensive as to why they are in my company. In general, I love sports, and I love parenting. The parallels are striking. For example, being a parent on the day of your child’s Sweet Sixteen celebration has so much in common with managing a baseball team during a World Series game – in both instances, neither can afford to take the day off, and both require the consistent effort of active, hands-on work. Staying on top of every situation and not giving in when things get difficult, will make all activities more predictable, and therefore, more enjoyable. Sometimes, all your child needs, is what an excellent player needs…a great coach. As Babe Ruth said, “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”

Let’s play ball!